Speaker, Author & Consultant

Complacency kills in every area of your life. Alex specializes in helping business owners decrease their hours while increasing their profits.

Speaker, Author & Consultant

Many leaders have had to choose between high income or freedom. Alex is known for making this an “and”. High income and freedom. “Complacency Kills” is the lesson he learned during his time in Iraq as a Marine, and now he shows others how to apply this lesson here at home both in life, and in business.

Speaker, Author & Consultant

Alex Shattuck is a husband, father of four, and resides in his hometown of Mason, Michigan. Prior to his professional career, he served in the Marine Corps and fought in Fallujah, Iraq in 2006/2007. He has leveraged his Marine Corps experiences with business, launching multiple insurance agencies, a real estate investment company, and a business performance company. Alex is passionate about his mission to help small business owners decrease their hours in their business while increasing their profits by killing complacency in the areas of life and business that drive results.

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The brutal lesson he learned in Iraq was “Complacency Kills.” What he found is that complacency doesn’t just kill on the battlefield but also in relationships, finances, health, and it absolutely kills our businesses.

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In this keynote, Alex masterfully applies the brutal lessons he learned in Iraq to business here at home. He takes his audience on a mission to kill complacency in their business, helping them decrease their hours in the business while increasing their profits from it. 

When it comes to recruiting, small business owners have been struggling to compete with the big dogs for a long time but the pandemic has only made it worse. In this keynote, Alex will help you win this Talent War by detailing how you can build a championship team in any job market & with any budget.

No manual? No problem. Can they sell? Yes they can! No more stress and no more wasted payroll from failed hires. In this message Alex will share 10 scientifically proven ways to guarantee sales success in new hires. 

Whether a corporate leadership team, sports teams, or law enforcement professionals- LEADERSHIP MATTERS! During this keynote you will hear Alex apply the lessons learned from war to kill complacency, specifically in leadership.

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Alex is a powerful speaker full of passion and great storytelling!

I've heard Alex present three times and could listen another three times and still walk away with value.

As a former marine, Alex has been able to teach some of the same tactics used in the Armed Forces and always translates it back to business application.

This was the best company-provided presentation I've seen in 27 years!

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You probably started your business with dreams of having a high income and freedom. You may have found that you sacrificed one, if not both, of these objectives. In this book Alex masterfully applies the brutal lessons he learned in Iraq to business here at home.