Small Business, Big Recruiting

Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner struggling to recruit? Do you want to learn how to hire in any labor market and within any budget?



Small Business BIG RECRUITING will help you win the battles within the Talent War we’re in.


The pandemic changed everything and small business owners are struggling to recruit more than ever. 


This book will put you in a position of strength once again. 


You will have what you need to go out and not just compete with, but BEAT out the “big dogs” that we are losing the Talent War to at this time. This book will position you to go out and hire your championship team regardless of the labor market you’re experiencing and all within your budget.


Inside, you’ll discover:

Small Business, Big Recruiting

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You probably started your business with dreams of having a high income and freedom. You may have found that you sacrificed one, if not both, of these objectives. In this book Alex masterfully applies the brutal lessons he learned in Iraq to business here at home.